At Wild Heart Art the focus is on experiencing the creative process and embracing full self-expression. It is both powerful and transformative to step into the mysterious wilderness within and respond from your source. The process encourages passion to blossom and purpose to unfold. Once your creativity is unleashed, limiting habits and ideas drop away. Creativity is an unlimited life-force working to make us whole and heal our broken parts.

For many creativity has been considered disposable compared to logic and scientific data. Wild Heart Art is grounded in the belief that creativity is an equally essential and underlying ingredient of success and satisfaction, be it in the studio or the board room. To recognize, value, and respond from this innate intelligence of the heart brings us into alignment with our true self. Interestingly, it is medical science that is confirming that the creative process is both regenerative and healing. Doesn't it then make sense to explore and tap into this powerful creative stream?

If you are an accomplished artist, whatever art form you practice...writer, poet, gardener, potter, dancer, musician or other, your art will be enriched by opening to new ways of accessing the river of creativity within. Dissolve blocks and watch creativity blossom when you respond with complete freedom.

If you consider yourself creativity-challenged, untold gifts await you! All you need is curiosity and an open mind. You will be guided and supported in an environment free of critique.

Painting programs differ from traditional art classes where technique, style and end product are emphasized. At Wild Heart, the focus is directed toward the creative process. You are invited to explore your creativity fully, listen to your authentic inner voice and watch while the magic of your own unique style unfolds. Every program is designed to explore and access the wildness of your creative spirit. Check out Programs & Calendar for details of each program and find a class that inspires you.