"The process leads one to find an inner rhythm which frees the spirit to dance!" J. G.

"A new concept to me which has given me permission to be myself - to express the me inside." - F. H.

"Process painting has changed my life, and my perspective on intuition. It's a wonderful way to get to know yourself." - Y. S.

"...It is a way to tap into a resource that otherwise would not be known, and quite difficult to reach." - M. R.

"Process painting is a unique process which helps me become aware of my creative blocks and transcend them. It influences the whole of my life and soul and has allowed a freedom I have never experienced." - C. H.

"Coming with an open mind and trusting the process made it possible for me to paint in this way." - L.J.

"Process painting was therapeutic as I pushed through blocks and just tried to let loose. With "fun" as my only intention, I felt freer." - K. B.