Kay Kay Kemp was born on a snowy morning in Estes Park, Colorado in January of 1948. Not long afterward her family moved to Houston where she continues to reside. Her enthusiastic interest in art appeared early in elementary school. By the 3rd grade she had convinced her parents to enroll her in the Museum of Fine Arts' children's classes. In her late 20's she began her long time career in graphic arts. Over the following decades her artmaking manifested in a variety ways... as illustrator, designer, advertising agency owner, coach and teacher.

Working with clients in the corporate world, Kay provides solution-based communication strategies and innovative materials to companies with an agenda for change. Similarly, in the field of personal development, she works with individuals to inquire deeply, discover profound answers and develop more effective responses to the issues they face every day.

As a trained Certified Personal Effectiveness Coach, Kay realizes that a significant component to change and satisfaction is authentic self-expression... being who we really are as we open to our substantial creative potential. Of her work, Kay says, "For me, coaching is an extraordinary process of attention, communication, and exploration. I believe in fully honoring the strengths and values of people who undertake the quest for a more satisfying life. And I believe that coaching is an extraordinary process for achieving that goal. With respect and reverence, I guide and support each person in exploring their wonderfully wild and wise creative spirit."

Since working intensively with a painting process developed by Michele Cassou, founder of The Point Zero Method, and author of Point Zero Painting, Creativity Without Limits, Kay focuses on helping people find their true voice for authentic expression as they open to the joy and healing that creativity offers.

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