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Wild Heart Art Painting

Collage for the Wild Heart


Goddess Shaman Crone

Mask Making

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If you have a group of 4 or more, a private group workshop for any of the programs can be arranged.

All programs require advance registration with a deposit. Classes are small so individual attention is assured. Please give thoughtful consideration of your attendance as last minute dropouts impacts the quality of the experience for everyone.

Materials and refreshments are included in most of the programs. Some classes call for the additional use of personal items that are specified in the description of the class. Dress is always casual and comfortable.

Payment can be made by check sent to Wild Heart Art, 909 Harvard, Houston, Texas 77008. Please call 832-618-1416 if you need directions or have any questions.

The studio is in Houston Heights. There are great little places to eat close to the studio. A list and menus of restaurants are available at the studio.

For out of town guests, the Sycamore Bed & Breakfast (713-861-4117) is located nearby.

Wild Heart Painting
Through discussion and painting you are introduced to the wonder of your creativity. You will be guided and supported as you connect to your innate creative source as a means of authentic self-expression. This powerful and transformative process invites passion, play, and purpose. All you need is a willingness to open your heart and explore.

The program begins with dialogue and the concepts that make painting for process unique. Within the first hour you begin painting using a rich array of succulent colors and fine brushes. You will discover that painting can be a joyful sensual experience.

Elisabeth Keely Wilson captures the experience of the creative process and describes it as, "Opening to the mystery of myself, I am asked to enter the unknown and to follow my instincts. Hidden within the cloud of unknowingness resides a presence which is constantly guiding me toward my true self."1

When you explore your creativity you may be may be may be learn to trust. Often participants leave the workshop feeling a new sense of freedom.

1 KALEIDOSCOPE: Artistic Techniques for the Creative Soul.

Collage for the Wild Heart and Wild Heart Altar Screens
Express your creativity through collage in an intuitive process of exploration and artmaking.

As with all other Wild Heart Art offerings, no previous art experience is necessary. You will be guided and supported in an atmosphere of caring and sharing as you experiment and play with a wonderful array of materials and techniques. In this class participants absolutely delight in the magic of the creative process.

Most materials are provided but you may want to add personal items to make it uniquely yours. Just scout around the home before class and find any small pictures, poems, totems, icons and/or sacred symbols that are meaningful to you.

Wild Heart Altar Screens are folding collages that can be placed on a table, or as part of a personal altar, and can be folded for storage and travel. They are an exceptional form of personal expression and can provide a visual reminder to connect to and honor that which is meaningful in your life. Many participants elect to create these in memory of a special event or person.

You will be guided in collage techniques to make your altar screen, so bring any significant items you wish to include. It is not necessary to purchase any other supplies for the Altar Screen class.

Other Programs
At Wild Heart Art we are always adding fun ways to express your creativity. You never know what is new so check the calendar frequently to see what is coming. We welcome your requests and suggestions, and will also design a program especially for you and your group.

Arte del Corazón Nichos (Heart Art Niches)
Nichos are small boxes from Mexico. They are often metal with a glass front so that a special personal or religious item can be displayed. You will create your own unique nicho with symbols, pictures, and words. In this program dialogue, inspiration, and reflection invite the heart to express what is meaningful, comforting, and healing for you. Choose from an assortment of supplied materials and bring any keepsakes or trinkets that you wish to include in your Arte del Corazón Nicho. It becomes your very personal icon that symbolically represents what brings you strength and well-being.

Collage for the Wild Heart: An Intuitive and Collaborative Process Journal Project
This special project of Wild Heart Art is a year-long exchange that supports each individual's ongoing creative practice. Participants select their own theme, make their journal covers, and three inside pages. The journal then passes throughout the group on a rotation schedule with each person completing art in each journal. At the end of the year there is a reception and showing of all the journals for family and friends to share in this amazing journey. The journal then returns to its original creator.

In the beginning everyone meets to go over the details necessary to ensure a successful program. Other gatherings throughout the year are fun but optional. Attending at least one Wild Heart Art program prior to participation in the program is required so that everyone has an understanding of the "process" approach.

The project that is now in progress. If you are interested in participating in the next project beginning in 2009, please email kay for details.

Wild Heart Art Mask Making
Throughout time masks have been important components of the ceremonial and spiritual life of our ancestors. While masks are generally thought to conceal the wearer, they can also offer revealing and regenerative power.

Connect with your innate creative source energy and make your own unique mask. You will be guided and supported as you animate your mask. As with all Wild Heart Art classes, we will honor the creative process as it unfolds. No previous art or mask making experience is necessary. All materials and snacks are provided. You also may wish to bring additional personal items for adornment of your mask. Please bring a sack lunch.

Mandala Heart Art
Mandalas are considered sacred art. Found in many traditions since ancient times, the circular image becomes a pathway for self-expression, insight, healing, and introspective meditation or prayer. Like other programs at Wild Heart Art, you will be guided and supported throughout the creation of your personal Mandala. In fostering an atmosphere that invites contemplation, spontaneity, and creativity, you connect with the inner voice of the heart as it incubates what needs to be born. All you need reveals itself.

Applying Your Feminine Divine and Healing Wisdom: A study and creative project to explore the feminine archetypes of the Goddess, Shaman, and Crone
Learn about the archetypes of the Goddess, Shaman, & Crone.

Practice BEING with your archetype and in the present. - Identify and access the qualities that call to you and which are uniquely yours. - Be lovingly guided to a new way of perceiving yourself and others. - Learn how to apply these fresh insights to the world we live in today.

Create an art project that reflects your unique expression. Understanding the Goddess, Shaman, and Crone can lead to a different way of perceiving yourself and others. Consider that the GODDESS archetype embodies wisdom, guidance, physical grace, athletic prowess and sensuality. Examples: Athena, warrior woman & Venus, beauty and sexuality. The archetype of the SHAMAN is one of a healer which utilizes the gifts of nature along with spiritual knowledge. Examples: Earth Mother, Mother Nature (Pachu Mama), Spiritual and Religious Leaders, i.e. Mother Teresa. The CRONE represents the ancient wise woman. Aging+Creativity= Metamorphosis. Examples: Our ancestors, our grandmothers, and eventually ourselves.